Our Babymoon Staycation

Pregnant with Baby #3, my husband and I rarely get alone time. Last weekend, we had the glorious opportunity to spend 24+ hours sans children! Originally, we planned on going on a little mini vacation for our babymoon, but decided to save some money instead. We dropped our girls off with their aunt and enjoyed a staycation right in our very own town. We had the best time! It was relaxing, mostly centered around good food, and much needed! If you are pregnant with your first or 4th baby, you MUST get some alone time with your love before your little one arrives! Click through to see how we spent our babymoon staycation…A MUST-DO for Expecting ParentsIs a new little one on their way? Make sure you get some alone time with your partner before they baby arrives!Let the Babymoon Begin!After we dropped the girls off, we took a selfie, then enjoyed some rare silence on our drive back home. :)BrunchBrunch is one of my favorite things in the world, so of course, we enjoyed it TWICE! (Yes, that’s a fried chicken breakfast sandwich!)Library VisitWith an hour to kill before our next outing,baby toys, we perused the library. Nothing like browsing the shelves without your little ones in tow! Movie DateWe rarely get the chance to see a movie (unless our kids go, too!) so we had a movie date at our favorite local theater!Sleeping InPerhaps the most wonderful part of the entire weekend was being able to sleep in! I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to do that!HikeBefore our second brunch, we went on a hike around our farm. The weather was perfect,baby feeding, making it a beautiful day for a walk with my love!Read more about our Babymoon Staycation here!