What WWE’s Distinct Brands Mean for Novice Fans

Professional wrestling can be challenging to keep up with newcomers, and not just because of the need to remember who won last the match. While it can be confusing when a fan-favorite “face” suddenly becomes a villainous “heel,” such surprises are part of the fun for most.

More complicated for some newcomers is simply keeping track of what various promotions and wrestling brands stand for and emphasize. Read more about how World Wrestling Entertainment has developed several distinct brands of its own, however, and even novice fans will understand the idea.

Different Styles of Wrestling Merit Different Types of Promotions

Professional wrestling has a long history behind it, and also one that is impressively varied and rich with innovations and unexpected developments. While there are certain commonalities that have endured through decades of the sport at the highest level, evolution and flux have been constant, as well.

The especially intense matches staged by a promotion like ECW during its peak of popularity, for example, are a far cry from the high-dollar pay per view events that have become a mainstay of the WWE since. Likewise are promotions that focus on putting younger wrestlers in front of equally youthful audiences often markedly different in character from those that aim more at massive, mixed audiences.

In the past, this kind of variety was accommodated as each promotion adopted its own approach to the sport and the business behind it. Today, a major promotion like WWE will instead sometimes maintain a number of distinct, subsidiary brands of its own to achieve the same effect.

Something for Everyone Under the WWE Umbrella

Merely being a fan of WWE today therefore does not need to mean being confined to enjoying a single style of wrestling. The promotion’s distinct Raw and SmackDown brands cater nicely to different types of wrestling and the fans who can appreciate either one or both.

While WWE has also retired formerly popular brands like ECW after buying them up, it remains alert to opportunities for introducing new ones that might help expand its audience further. Even if the world of professional wrestling has experienced some consolidation in recent times, there is therefore still plenty of variety left for fans to enjoy.