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The Effects of Medical Marijuana on the Quality of Sleep

If you are having problems with sleeping, you can either take prescription sleep medicines or medical marijuana. Comparing these two remedies, it has been proven that medical marijuana provides better, restful sleep without any associated negative side effects. If you have insomnia, your sleep is disrupted and it will adversely affect many areas of your life. Health problems can break out if one is not able to sleep well at night. Lack of sleep makes one irritable and puts a strain on one’s relationships and the quality of life at home and in work. If you use over the counter prescription drugs, it will leave you drowsy the next day and your body will feel sluggish. With medical marijuana, you don’t suffer discomfort of sleepless nights and drowsy days. You can use medical marijuana instead of prescription medication if you don’t want to mess up your day at the office the next day.

If you take prescription medication for your sleep problems, then you can put yourself in great danger and it can be habit forming as well. Using medical marijuana for treating sleeping disorder will not have the same effects as prescription medication. With medical marijuana, you get to sleep well without any side effects. When you wake up the next day, you will feel rested and refreshed.

Those who have taken medical marijuana for their insomnia have reported getting a quality of sleep that they have never experienced before. If you find it hard falling asleep and staying asleep, then medical marijuana can give you the remedy for that. Since you are able to sleep a good sleep, then you don’t feel drowsy the next day. And to add to this, patients do not like the idea of getting addicted to medication, as will really happen when used continuously. When prescription medication for sleep disorder is constantly needed, the person will soon find himself needing a higher dosage to get the same effects since the body will soon get immune to the drug. There will be an increase in side effects, the higher dosage of prescription drugs you take.

These problems will not happen if you take medical marijuana instead for your problem with insomnia. Using medical marijuana is not habit forming and if you need to increase your dosage when you are particularly having a difficult time sleeping, it will not have any residual the next day.

Getting a good night’s sleep every night is very important to enjoy your life. It will be easier to work, to function with your family, and to lead a happier, and active lifestyle if you feel more alert and rested. You quality of life is affected by the quality of sleep you get each night.

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